Maryland marriage records – Maryland records of marriages held in 2016

An article published on Monday, June 16, 2017, details the marriage records of over 5,500 Marylanders who were married in 2016.

The information was released by the Maryland Department of the Judiciary, after it obtained court records for Marylanders for the last 20 years.

The records show that of the 5,527 marriage records that the Maryland judiciary requested, only 1,622 of them were finalized in the calendar year.

The documents also list a total of 7,744 marriage licenses issued between the years 2007 and 2017.

The court’s release follows an Associated Press investigation published last month that revealed that Maryland had failed to disclose information about the marriages of nearly 1,000 people who applied for the same licenses.

The Associated Press has reported that the state’s marriage licenses have been issued to only 2,000 couples over the last decade, and that the number of people who are able to get married in Maryland has declined by almost 90 percent since 2009.

The state’s failure to provide information about these marriages has led to a spike in the number who have had to apply for licenses.

In 2017, the number that were allowed to get marriage licenses in Maryland dropped to 4,907.

That’s the lowest number of licenses granted in a calendar year since 2006.

The AP’s investigation also found that in 2016, just 3,732 marriages were granted in the state.

That number has now surpassed 4,900.

The Maryland Judiciary has until July 25 to respond to the AP’s request for the marriage license records.