‘No-fault divorce’: New laws aim to save couples who break up

New laws aimed to prevent people from divorcing for no reason are coming into force.

The Victorian Government is making it easier for people to end a marriage after divorce, from a few days to two weeks.

Currently, couples must wait for the court to give their wishes before being able to divorce, which means there is no guarantee of their future relationship.

Now, the State Government is introducing laws which allow for a temporary divorce for a short period of time, from one to three days.

This is meant to give people who have split up with the intent of ending their marriage time to think about their options and decide if they want to pursue the legal process.

People will no longer have to wait for their court case to get through before they can have their legal separation.

“We know that a significant number of people have taken this step,” Victorian Minister for Children and Families Victoria McNeil said.

“[They] want to be able to leave the marriage and find a new relationship.

That is why we’re introducing this temporary period of separation to help people find the stability they need.”

“Our goal is to give them the opportunity to look at their options.”

New laws for couples in ‘no-faults’ divorces The new laws come after a number of other states have introduced similar laws.

In New South Wales, the divorce laws for those who break down with no reason for doing so are to remain a civil matter.

These new laws will not apply to same-sex couples, who will still be required to get approval from the court.

While the Victorian Government says the laws will help couples find a better relationship, it is clear many couples will still seek to end their marriages.

For those who want to continue living together, they will need to wait until a court order is in place, before being given the option of an interim divorce.

However, there is still no guarantee that the two couples will end up back together.

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