How to vote for gay marriage in Virginia

Virginia has a long and storied history of voting against same-sex couples.

Here’s how you can help the cause.


What are the options?

The state legislature has a few options, according to the Virginia Association of Counties.

You can vote yes on Question 2, which would legalize same-gender marriage in the state.

If you vote yes, you can make a tax credit available to businesses and individuals that offer a marriage license.

The credit would go toward paying for the costs of hiring a marriage counselor.

Another option is to vote yes in Question 1.

That would allow people to get married, but it would require that you register with the county clerk.

If your marriage was approved by a court, you could still marry if you lived in the county.

You’d also have to wait a few months before you could legally marry.

You could also request a marriage certificate from a county clerk, if you live in the same county.

In most counties, you’d need to have at least three witnesses to the marriage, according the Virginia Coalition for Marriage.

If one witness dies or you lose custody of children, your spouse would be able to marry without a judge’s signature.

If a petition is filed to overturn the marriage licenses, you’ll need to send the petition to the state’s Attorney General.


Do I need to be a virgin?


You’ll still be able, however, to get a marriage licence.

However, it won’t take effect until 2020.

It’s possible that your state legislature would change the law and change the requirements to allow people who were previously married to marry.

That could happen if voters pass a constitutional amendment, which could have a significant impact on marriage rights in the country.

If that happens, it would likely have to be passed in order to allow same- and opposite-sex marriages to be allowed.

It would also likely require a court to certify a marriage as valid.

In the meantime, you should check out our complete guide to the legal issues surrounding marriage equality in the U.S.