How to get a marriage license in Chicago

Chicago, IL – Chicago police have issued a warning to gay couples seeking to get married, saying it’s a felony to do so.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, police say there are a total of 7,828 gay couples who have been arrested in Chicago for being in a committed relationship and for being married in violation of the city’s marriage laws.

The city is currently holding a public hearing on the new marriage license law on Thursday, December 15, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., in response to a petition signed by more than 12,000 people calling for the repeal of Chicago’s marriage license laws.

The new law would allow anyone to get the same marriage license as someone of the opposite sex.

The new law will apply to couples of the same sex, regardless of whether they are married in a civil ceremony or in a religious ceremony. 

Police said the new laws are unconstitutional because they violate the United States Constitution.

“If you are legally married in one state, you can’t get married in another state,” Chicago Police Department spokesperson Michael McManus said.

“So what they’re saying is that if you’re in a couple, and you’re married in the state that you’re legally married to, then you can get married elsewhere.”

He said the department has no plans to prosecute any of the couples.

The law would be in effect immediately, but could take years to implement.

The Chicago Police Association, the city of Chicago and the Cook County District Attorney’s Office are currently reviewing the new law.