Is the new Sacramento temple really the “new temple”?

The city of Sacramento has opened a new temple to celebrate the marriage of the Dalai Lama to a woman from India.

The new temple is called the Temple of the Light and the Light of the World.

The temple was established to recognize the union between the Dalai Lamas son and his bride in the name of the Buddha, according to a press release from the Sacramento City Council.

The ceremony was officiated by Buddhist monks.

The event was held at the newly opened San Gabriel Temple.

The newly renovated temple, which was opened in April, is the third temple in the Sacramento area to celebrate a wedding between two different religions.

The first temple to honor the Dalai lamas son and bride was opened to the public in April.

In May, the second temple in Sacramento celebrated the union of the first Dalai Lama and his wife, Lobsang Sangay.