New York marriage license changes to include same-sex couples

New York has updated its marriage license for the first time to include a section that includes same-gender couples.

The move is part of a broader push by the state to include the LGBT community in the law.

The new wording is part the Marriage Equality Act of 2015.

The New York State Board of Elections and Elections Department says it was inspired by the states and localities of Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and New York.

The New York City Department of Finance says it will use the same wording.


Andrew Cuomo’s office says the law will “address the growing challenges facing our state and its citizens, including the need for greater acceptance and understanding of same- and intersex couples, the potential of a diverse New York economy and the importance of ensuring that all New Yorkers have equal access to legal protections.”

The state’s marriage equality law is on hold until the state Supreme Court decides whether to take up the case of a gay couple who challenged the state’s same-year marriage ban.

The bill now goes to Cuomo for his signature.

The governor says he will sign the bill if the court upholds the lower court’s ruling that same- gender couples have a constitutional right to marry.© 2018 Cox Media Group.