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NEW YORK — “I would love to have a second child.

But the reality is, I have four children and I have a great wife,” says former Marine, who recently divorced her husband.

But, says former Navy Seal, “I’m a good father.

I love my children.

But I think that’s what a lot of people would like.”

For the most part, the American public seems to agree that it’s OK to be single, and that marriage equality is a reality.

But that isn’t the case among some local officials.

“I think that there are certain things that you need to do before you marry,” said City Councilman Jose Guzman.

“And then there’s things that are more important than that.

Like, is it right to have kids?

Is it right that I give up my career for my kids?

And if so, then do I really have to do that?

Do I have to be married?

And what about my children?”

The conversation has been a hot topic in the United States, and it has generated some heated responses from those who support marriage equality and those who oppose it.

“There’s a big difference between people saying, ‘I think I’m married, and I think my marriage is perfect,'” said Councilwoman Barbara Gordon, who voted against marriage equality last year.

“There’s also people who say, ‘If I was married and I had kids, would that be better?’

That’s a really important question.

And it’s not a question of, ‘Should I get married and have kids?’

That question should be answered by everyone.”

The debate has heated up recently in New York City, where a majority of residents voted in favor of marriage equality, but not everyone agrees that same-sex couples are entitled to the same rights as heterosexual couples.

In January, the city council voted to legalize same-day adoption, and Mayor Bill de Blasio is hoping to do the same in 2017.

But with only a handful of cities having such a law in place, a big question is whether gay couples in New New York will be able to get the same legal rights as their heterosexual counterparts.

If you think about the way that marriage is designed, the person who is getting married is going to be the one that is legally married to the person they’re getting married with.

And so the marriage that they’re legally getting is the same as if they were getting married to a man and a woman.

But there are people who are not legally married.

And they’re not allowed to get married to those people, because they are not married to each other.

That’s not going to happen in New Jersey, because we don’t have that issue,” said Councilman Daniel Garza.

New York City’s marriage equality bill is now in the state Senate, and the city is currently considering whether to put it on the ballot next year.

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