About Us

This web site is owned and operated by Visionary Publications, Inc. The sole owners of Visionary Publications, Inc. are Ken and Shannon Johnston.

Ken and Shannon have been retired since 1992, after selling their training and publishing company — Kaset International — to Times Mirror Corporation in 1989.

In 1984 Ken wrote “Sagery — a User's Manual for the Mind” to create a process for turning unhappy thoughts into more positive thoughts. He also wrote "Metmating," a book devoted to creating happier and happier relationships.

Ken and Shannon founded Kaset Inc. (Ken And Shannon’s Extraordinary Training) in 1984, and it quickly grew to become the premier customer relations training company in the country. Kaset was honored when Training Magazine voted Kaset as the top rated customer relations training company for the final three years prior to Ken and Shannon’s retirement. Kaset was built with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and it was Kaset’s customers who voted them #1.

Ken’s contributions were mostly as writer and visionary. Shannon was responsible for creating the multi-media training products that were so acclaimed by customers.

After ten years of active, leisure-filled retirement, Ken and Shannon decided to add meaning and engagement to their pleasurable lives, by going back to work to form Visionary Publications, Inc. The motivating force was to use the Internet to publish e-books and websites that would help people become happier, quickly, easily, and inexpensively, in many areas of their lives. Their first effort in 2005 was with the subject of relationships. They have worked the better part of three years bringing the site to its present state.

Ken has been studying happiness for at least thirty years. He was thrilled to study for six months under Dr. Martin Seligman, who is credited by many with being the leader and head guru of the new science of positive psychology.

Ken combined his work with the findings of the many scientists working on positive psychology, to identify thirty-six different choices or habits that make people happier. Those thirty-six habits and choices became the basis for his book, “How To Be Happier.” Soon followed other happiness books: "Find Your Ideal Partner," for people who currently do not have a relationship, "Relationship Insurance," for those who are in a committed relationship," and "Remodeling a Relationship," for people who are in a committed relationship but are experiencing difficulties. His fourth effort is a book and audio-visual program called "Save Marriage — Avoid Divorce," for any person whose partner has left the relationship. His paper, called "Ridiculously Simple Secrets to Great Relationships" is a quick read, full of observations about happier and happier relationships.

Ken observed that knowing what makes people happy, by itself, doesn’t make a person happier. He observed that the things that make people happier had to become habits of actions, beliefs, or thoughts in order to make people happier.

Working together, the Johnstons built web sites designed to build the habits that would make people happier in many areas of their lives: relationships, work, family, etc. Today, the book and the habit-building web site combine to make it possible for people who value happiness to have a happier life.

Ken and Shannon’s personal lives are best viewed by accessing Shannon’s family web site, www.kenshan.com. For contact information, see “Contact Us.”