Gay couple wed in Delaware – Times of Indian link

Debi Gopal and Keshav Kishore were married in Delaware.

Debi, a lawyer, and Kishole, a doctor, were married Aug. 3 in Washington state.

Dehi, who works for a Delaware law firm, said her marriage was “an honor” and a “big relief.”

Kisholt, a graduate of The Ohio State University and an attorney, said the ceremony was “a little stressful” but she “was happy.”

“It’s been a very, very happy couple for the most part,” she said.

Kisholts parents, the Gopalanes, said they planned the ceremony for their daughter’s birthday.

“My mom, she said, she thought it would be very exciting for us,” said Debi.

“I told her, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s the greatest thing.

“We’re not here for the money, we’re here for our daughter,” she told The Associated Press. “

“She’s going to come out with her big announcement one day and it will be a big relief.” “

We’re not here for the money, we’re here for our daughter,” she told The Associated Press.

“She’s going to come out with her big announcement one day and it will be a big relief.”

Delaware is among a handful of states where same-sex couples can marry.

Some states have already legalized same-day marriage, including New York and Vermont.

The Gopalas are among a growing number of couples in the United States who are legally married.

Last year, a Massachusetts couple who had lived together for nearly two decades got married.

That same year, two Oregon couples were married.

In 2018, New York became the first state to allow same-gender couples to marry in state-run hospitals and government buildings.

How to Get Your Marriage License in Pennsylvania

How do I get my marriage license in Pennsylvania?

It may sound like a simple process, but it is actually a lot of work and a lot more involved than you might think.

We have the following tips on how to get your marriage license: 1.

Check your county clerk’s website for the latest news and information about the state’s marriage license laws.


Visit your county courthouse.

The clerk will tell you if you can get a license.


Fill out the county clerk application and mail it in.

You can then bring your original copy of your marriage certificate with you to the courthouse.


After your marriage licenses are delivered, you will have 30 days to complete the required paperwork.

If you have any questions about getting your license, you can call the Pennsylvania State Police at 1-800-252-4343.


You’ll need to fill out an application to get married in Pennsylvania.

You must provide your name, date of birth, social security number, date and place of birth and the name and address of your spouse.


After you submit the application, the clerk will email you a certificate of marriage.

The certificate of the marriage is the official document from which you can legally obtain your marriage.


You will have two days to sign and return the certificate of your newlywed spouse.


If your marriage has not yet been recognized, you may be required to pay a $35 fee to the clerk to get a marriage license.


The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue will send you a certified copy of the court’s decision if you’ve lost a license or if you’re trying to get one.


If the state is still reviewing your marriage record, you’ll need the court order if you want to get another license.


If a judge has issued a marriage certificate to a spouse in another state, the marriage license may be revoked.

You should file a request for a revocation notice with the Pennsylvania Department Of Revenue within 60 days after receiving the court certificate of a marriage between a Pennsylvania resident and a foreign citizen.


If Pennsylvania has not issued a license to your new spouse, you must apply for a license within 90 days after you get your new license.


The department of the state where your new marriage is registered will send out a marriage form to you, which includes a marriage fee and the information you’ll have to fill in to get an official marriage license from the Pennsylvania Marriage Board.


You may also want to check the marriage certificate website of your county to see if your marriage is recognized there.


You could also check with the state treasurer to see what fees you’ll be required for filing your tax returns.