A Hawaii marriage license will be legal in 2019

New Hawaii marriages are finally legal and that’s good news for couples in the state, but Hawaii officials are warning that not everyone will be able to get married this year.

Hawaii marriage licenses are now legal for anyone 18 years old or older to legally marry in the United States.

The state says the changes will only take effect in 2019, though it does not specify which dates the licenses will be valid for.

Marriage licenses are issued by a Hawaii Bureau of Vital Statistics, and if a license is lost, it is up to the person who issued it to file for a replacement license.

In addition to the state of Hawaii, more than 100 other states have marriage licenses in place, but they require applicants to obtain their own marriage certificate or be sworn to secrecy.

Former Chelsea boss David Gill says he doesn’t think it’s a big deal to marry a gay man

The former Chelsea manager David Gill has told the BBC he does not think it is a big issue for gay men to marry, as long as they’re married to the person they love.

In a rare interview, Gill, who is married to his partner of 30 years, said he would never rule out a future with the 49-year-old former Manchester United striker.

“It’s just not my issue,” he said.

“I think there are so many gay people and gay couples in this country, and so many people that have been married.”

You can be a gay couple or you can be someone who’s a heterosexual couple, and it’s just so complicated.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with a couple of couples having a couple or two kids.”

But I think that the way you have to live your life is not always the way I’ve lived my life, so I don’t want to rule it out.

“Gay couples who want to marry in New York, Connecticut, Vermont and Rhode Island have to apply for a marriage license there.

Gay marriage has been legal in New Jersey since December, when the state’s supreme court ruled it was constitutional.

The Supreme Court will now decide whether the state can go forward with a ban on same-sex marriage.

Gill has been a vocal supporter of same-year marriage and has campaigned for same-gender marriage.