How to apply for a California marriage license

The state of California is planning to begin issuing licenses to same-sex couples this week, the first time the state has done so since a Supreme Court decision struck down bans on gay marriage in 2015.

The move is the latest in a wave of same-gender marriages that have taken place in California since the decision.

It is the first state to issue licenses to a same-person marriage and it comes just weeks after another court decision striking down a ban on gay unions in Oregon.

The state of Nevada has issued similar licenses to the same-age couples already married in other states.

Same-sex marriages have been legal in California for some time, but opponents have argued the state is not following the law.

Will Smith & Co. Are Getting Married in Discord: Will Smith Says He Will “Smash” the Marriage License Cost

Will Smith is the latest celebrity to embrace discord as a marriage technology.

Smith has announced that he will marry a “bot” to help with the cost of a divorce, and the pair plan to hold a marriage ceremony “in a matter of hours.”

Smith and his wife of nearly a year, Angelina Jolie, are the first couple to officially announce their engagement in a public way.

In the video above, Smith says, “We’re going to do it in a matter for hours.

I’ll smash the marriage license.”

Smith is also encouraging fans to “share” his marriage license on Twitter with the hashtag #SmashtheMarriageLicense, and he’s also posting wedding plans to help “solve the marriage” cost.

“The last thing I need to do is take out a $500 marriage license,” Smith says in the video.

“I’m willing to pay $500 to get the divorce.

And then we’ll have our wedding in a couple of hours.

That’s just the way we’re going.

We’re going for broke.”

Smith, who recently signed on as the face of Instagram, told The Associated Press that he and Jolie are looking forward to “making history” by wedging their love story into a social media platform.

“We love that there’s this idea of marriage as this intimate thing,” he said.

“So we think it’s really important that we have this platform that people can be part of.

We think it would be a really good way to help people find out what we’re doing and who we are and what we want to do.”