‘The secret marriage’: The real story of Elton John and Elton’s marriage and their marriage records

Elton was married to his first wife, Nicole Brown, in 1972, just three months before he married his current wife, Patti Smith.

Their first marriage lasted only four months and was never consummated.

Their second marriage lasted less than a year, and their third marriage, the one between them, lasted only a year and a half.

Elton and Nicole’s second marriage, between them lasted a total of five years.

The couple’s last marriage, which lasted five years, was a one-night affair that ended in divorce.

In a 2014 interview, Elton said he and Nicole would sometimes spend the night together, and they had no plans to get married again.

“It’s all over the place, but I always wanted to get divorced,” he told the interviewer.

But Elton continued to maintain that he and Patti had a secret marriage.

He wrote on Twitter that “I had a great secret marriage with my beautiful wife Patti Brown in 1972.

And my children and I would spend the nights together.

It was very special.”

His marriage records are still available online.

A spokesman for the California Department of Justice said it is aware of Elwood Johnson’s request for the marriage records.

In a statement, the California State Bar Association said it will not allow the release of records that were provided to the Bar Association by the Department of Health and Human Services.