How to get married legally in Utah

Utah lawmakers approved a marriage license this week that will allow same-sex couples to get a marriage certificate from a local officiant.

But there’s still a long way to go.

Utah lawmakers approved marriage licenses this week to allow same.s. couples to receive a marriage document.

A Utah judge has blocked a bill that would have required same-s.

same-gender couples to undergo polygamous ceremonies, as a way to make sure that marriages between two people of the same gender are recognized legally in the state.

The bill would have also required religious institutions to offer same-day same-gendered weddings.

The bill was part of a broader bill that included a requirement for gay couples to have their marriages recognized in other states.

Now, the measure has been thrown out after a Utah Supreme Court judge ruled that it violated the state’s equal protection and equal protection clause.

The court said the measure violated the equal protection clauses of the U.S. Constitution and its state constitution.

If the Utah Supreme court rules that the bill violates the equal protections of Utah’s constitution, it would become the most important marriage equality case in the nation.

As the case goes forward, couples will be required to get approval from their religious institutions for the marriage to take place.

Some conservatives say the Supreme Court ruling is unnecessary and that same- sex marriage is a fundamental right.

Others say the Utah court’s ruling is a win for gay rights and a blow to the Mormon church’s opposition to same- gender unions.

The Supreme Court’s ruling could have an immediate impact on other states considering similar bills.